October 13, 2009

Today's Tune: "Breadfan" By Budgie

I'm getting ready to head out and buy me Mega Millions Lottery ticket. To be honest I'm not a regular purchaser, only participating when the payoff hits a certain level. That way I don't throw as much money away, because I don't expect to win, anyhow.

What if it did happen, though? Thinking about it has me trying to decide what I would do with the loot. Getting four numbers plus the gold ball would mean $10,000, before taxes. That'd be great to me, but five of the white ball numbers would land me $250,000 before taxes, and what's left would more than pay off all my bills (mortgage, auto loan, etc.). Get all six numbers right, and I'm a very rich man. It would take a lot of thinking to map out where all that kind of money would go. Let's see ... pay off all current bills ... buy nicer house ... buy Lamborghini hybrid or electric car ... college fund for Chelsea (my daughter), etc. Oh my! What would you do? Huh? Oh yeah, it's not going to happen anyway. I forgot that for a minute.

Since we're on the subject of money ... Well we are, aren't we? OK, it was all just an excuse to post a music video from the finest rock band ever to come out of the most beautiful place on Earth, Wales (He wrote without any bias at all). The 'Today's Tune' for this October 13th is "Breadfan" , and the band is Budgie!

Budgie - "Breadfan" (1973)

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