October 12, 2009

Today's Tune: "Angel Witch" By Angel Witch

On October 12, 1692, colonial Massachusetts Governor William Phips wrote a letter of his observations of the conditions and activities relating to the original "witch trials", commonly referred to as the 'Salem Witch Trials'. Included in the typically unfair and unjust proceedings were the early local hearings and trials of "The Court of Oyer and Terminer" , which relied heavily on spectral evidence and the "touch test".

Governor Phips had the court disbanded, but only after 29 people had been found guilty of practicing witchcraft. Nineteen of those witches, fourteen women and five men, were hanged. One man named Giles Corey refused to enter a plea, so he was crushed to death under heavy stones in an effort to force him to comply. Some were pardoned by the Governor. In 1693, the trials continued in the new less bloodthirsty Superior Court Of Judicature. The text of Phipps letter can be found via this link.

For our 'Today's Tune' we turn to one of the most underrated (and unplayed on most American radio) English cult metal bands ever, Angel Witch. From the self titled album (Released in 1980), I give to you the title track - "Angel Witch".

Angel Witch - "Angel Witch"


Anonymous said...

where the hell is the link, so I can steal this album, dummy? I'm tired of coming across these stupid sites with no dl links.

Dan, Jr. said...

To Anonymous:

You are not worthy of enjoying the music posted on this blog.

I'm sure most humans that have to put up with your existence are tired of you as well.


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