September 3, 2009

Today's Tune: "Did You No Wrong" By Sex Pistols

Both English guitarist and backup singer Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols and American film and television actor Charlie Sheen ('Platoon', 'Men At Work', Two And A Half Men) were born on a September 3rd, Jones in 1955 and Sheen in 1965. After noticing this connection, while looking for this installment of 'Today's Tune', I found myself thinking of another possible link.

Some of you might remember the rotten accusations, mostly from Sheen's former American film and TV actress wife Denise Richards ('Good Advice', 'Undercover Brother', 'Blonde And Blonder'), and events that came about during their nasty separation and divorce. It occurred to me that some of the lyrics in the song "Did You No Wrong" might have been uttered by both Sheen and Richards shortly before they decided to split up. The song was on the B side of the single "God Save The Queen" on the Virgin Records pressings. A small quantity of the earlier A & M Records version would have "No Feeling" as the B side tune.

Sex Pistols - "Did You No Wrong"

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