August 13, 2009

Today's Tune: "Time Goes By" By Triumph

Triumph inducted into Canadian Music Hall Of Fame April 6, 2008.
Photo from band web site .

H.G. Wells died on August 13, 1946. An English writer, Wells ('The Island Of Doctor Moreau', 'The War Of The Worlds', 'The First Men In The Moon') was well known for authoring books on many subjects, but mostly science-fiction fantasy works. A favorite by readers of Wells is his 'The Time Machine'. There are many incredible songs and instrumental tracks to choose from that carry the time theme. The tune I picked for today is one of the more rocking ones. It's "Time Goes By" from the November 1984 album 'Thunder Seven' by Triumph, a very underrated and underplayed Canadian rock band.

Also died on an August 13th: 1995 - American baseball legend Mickey Mantle, 2004 - American cooking show host and cookbook author Julia Child.

Born on an August 13: 1899 - English film and television producer and director Alfred Hitchcock ('Dial M For Murder', 'Psycho', 'The Birds'), 1948 - American soprano singer Kathleen Battle ('The Barber Of Seville', 'The Marriage Of Figaro', 'Don Pasquale'), 1959 - American actor and radio talk show host Danny Bonaduce (The Partridge Family, The Danny Bonaduce Show).

Triumph - "Time Goes By" from the album 'Thunder Seven' (1984)

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