August 11, 2009

Today's Tune: "Children Of The Sea" -Black Sabbath

My reasoning for picking "Children Of The Sea" by Black Sabbath is quite simple. I wish I was at the beach! I would love to be swimming in the ocean, or just lounging in a beach chair watching the babes walk by. Believe me, when they see me, they just walk on by. I long to feel the sand sifting between my toes, while I sip on a cool drink. Since a vacation isn't in the budget this year (Again!), guess I'll have to daydream instead. Hey as long as I'm dreaming, I'm probably gonna be accompanied by someone out of my league (They all are) too.

Born on August 11: 1925 - American entertainer and talk show host Mike Douglas, 1944 - Scottish actor (Film, stage, TV, radio) and director Ian McDiarmid ('Star Wars', Inspector Morse, 'King Lear'), 1950 - American computer engineer and founder of Apple Computer, Inc. Steve Wozniak, 1957 - American drummer Richie Ramone (Ramones).

August 11 deaths: English film and television actor Peter Cushing ('Dracula', Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150 A.D., 'Star Wars') in 1994, American musician, as well as radio, film and animation film (voiceover) actor Phil Harris (The Jack Benny Program, 'The Jungle Book', 'Robin Hood') in 1995, and in 2006 American entertainer and talk show host Mike Douglas died on the same day of August on which he was born.

Black Sabbath - "Children Of The Sea"

Band Lineup: Tony Martin (Vocals), Tony Iommi (Guitar), Cozy Powell (Drums), Neil Murray (Bass)

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