August 8, 2009

Remembrance Of Terry Nation

Welsh screenwriter and novelist Terry Nation was born in Cardiff, Wales on August 8, 1930 (Died 1997). He wrote single episodes and multiple episode serials (stories) for several British television programmes that have been popular in many countries around the world.

He is most widley known for creating the infamous and horrifing Daleks. Nation introduced these alien monsters in the second serial (story) of the original classic Doctor Who, the greatest and longest running (26 seasons: 1963 - 1989) science fiction television show ever to be broadcast. The seven episode story was called 'The Daleks' but is also known as "The Dead Planet" (Name of first episode - originally aired December 21, 1963) or even The Menace. Terry wrote many episodes and created other characters and creatures that were popular in the show.

Terry Nation created another successful science fiction show called Blake's 7. Fans of this programme probably don't mind being called a "Cult Following". Like Doctor Who, it's a completely addictive show, with slightly more humor. Like the Doctor, the characters, spend a lot of time being chased through space. They don't have a TARDIS to time travel in, so they just have to steel the best space cruiser they can get their hot little escapie hands on. I always saw Blake's 7 as Robin Hood set in space. It lasted four seasons (or series) from 1978 to 1981.

Other fine shows that Nation contributed to include: The Avengers, The Baron, The Persuaders! , The Champions, Department S, and The Saint.

Terry Nation died from emphysema in Los Angeles, California on March 9, 1997. He had been working bringing Blake's 7 back to television with Paul Darrow (Doctor Who, Blake's 7, Timelash) shortly before he passed away.

Doctor Who (Original) - "The Dead Planet" (Last few minutes)
Season 1 / Serial 2 / Episode 1
The very first appearance of the Daleks.

Doctor Who (Classic) - 'Remembrance Of The Daleks' (Trailer)
Season 25 / Serial 148
The last appearance of the Daleks in the classic series.

Blake's 7 - "Orac" (Beginning Clip)
Series A (Season 1) / Episode 13

Blake's 7 - "Orac"
Series A (Season 1) / Episode 13 (Ending Clip)

Blake's 7 - Segment from Channel 4 Top Ten Sci-Fi programmes.
Hell, I Loved this show!

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