August 14, 2009

Came And Went On August 14th

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Here are partial lists of people who were born on August 14th, people who died on the 14th of August, and a few historical events from various August 14ths. I usually include these bits in the 'Today's Tune' posts, but that was totally dedicated to blackouts today. Sometimes these lists can be of interest. You might learn something you didn't know or remember.

August 14 Births: 1930 - American baseball manager and author Earl Weaver (Baltimore Orioles, Earl Weaver Baseball), 1936 - English actor Trevor Bannister (Are You Being Served?, Coronation Street, Doctor Who), 1945 - American comedian and actor Steve Martin (Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, 'Parenthood', 'Cheaper By The Dozen'), 1960 - English soprano singer and actress Sarah Brightman ('The Phantom Of The Opera', 'Repo! The Genetic Opera', 'Dive').

August 14 Deaths: 1982 - Irish theatre and film actor Patrick Magee ('The Masque Of The Red Death', 'Die, Monster, Die!', 'Clockwork Orange'), 1988 - Italian exotic car maker and racing team owner Enzo Ferrari (Ferrari), 2006 - American film and television actor Bruno Kirby ('The Godfather: Part II', 'When harry Met Sally', 'Stuart Little').

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August 14 History: 1888 - American inventor, scientist and businessman Thomas Edison introduced his phonograph at a press conference in London, England, 1935 - Act passed in the USA to create Social Security, 1936 - Rainey Bethea was the last person to be publicly executed in the USA , 2003 - Massive power outage in Northeastern USA and parts of Canada.

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