July 27, 2009

Roger Taylor Turns 60

Roger Taylor with Queen + Paul Rodgers at Air Canada Centre on March 16, 2006.
Photo probably by Mark Swierszcz, who took most of the pictures that night.

Queen drummer Roger Taylor turned 60 years old yesterday. Although I can't see most of today's musicians still being active in the industry at Taylor's age, I bet Roger has a few miles left in him.

Roger has never been the main writer in the band Queen, but he is credited with writing five of their best songs. Those songs include "I'm In Love With My Car", "Radio Ga Ga", "A Kind Of Magic" , "The Invisible Man", and "These Are The Days Of Our Lives".

He has worked with many great artists and not just as a drummer. Roger plays many different instruments. He's put out a few solo efforts, and with his first full solo album 'Fun In Space', he sang all the vocals and played all the instruments (except for some of the keyboard work) for the project. Taylor fronted (lead singer and played guitar) a band called The Cross for a few albums as well. A lot of his work outside of Queen is quite good, especially with The Cross. Good enough for my personal collection anyway.

At this time last year, it looked like Roger, Paul Rodgers and the guys from Queen + Paul Rodgers would be planning another tour of the states together. That union is over with, so if we see Roger Taylor here with his old band, it'll be Queen + Somebody Other Than Paul Rodgers. If he lands here anytime soon, a small tour with The Cross or a new solo band might be more likely. Either way would be great to me. Until then, best wishes for a happy birthday, and cheers to Roger.

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