May 8, 2009

Shame On You!

There was a lot of stupid unnecessary drama and shameful actions (and sometimes lack of action) by the opponent, referees and league officials going on during the first round of the 2009 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, while the Washington Capitals were playing against the New York Rangers. Now that the Capitals are up against the Pittsburgh Penguins in the second round, they are facing the same old tricks, complaining and injustices again.

Shame on Sidney Crosby for whining so much. Legitimate complaints would be fine, but crying about everything that doesn't go the way he wants is pathetic.

Shame on Kris Kunitz for the intentional two handed cross check to the throat of Simeon Varlamov in Semifinal Game 2.

Shame on Colin Campbell and the NHL for not suspending Kunitz. Fining him a lousy $2,500.00 isn't going to bother him one bit, and it's out of proportion to the suspensions they gave to Donald Brashear for his actions versus the Rangers.

Shame on the Penguins for their playoff game ticket giveaway screw up. Once tell someone they've won a prize, it's wrong to take it back.

Shame on the Penguins for complaining about something they themselves are guilty of.

Shame on the Penguins for making false accusations about faceoff cheating, illeagle pics and sticks just to wrongfully sway the thoughts of on ice officials.

Shame on the refs for being swayed by all the Penguins B.S.

Shame on the Penguins for complaining about officiating, when it's the Capitals who are the ones that have a right to complain.

Shame on CBC for broadcasting the Capitals coaching staff's game plan board with their keys to victory for Wednesday's Game 3 against the Penguins.

Dio - "Shame On The Night"

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