April 20, 2009

It's Not The 'Kiss Of Death'

Alex Ovechkin reacts to hitting cross bar in third period of Game 2.
April 18, 2009 photo by Getty Images.

The Southeast Division Champion (2 consecutive seasons) Washington Capitals have fallen behind in the first round of the 2009 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. They lost the first game at home last Wednesday, then were shut out on Saturday afternoon. But it's not over yet Caps' fans. Getting behind by two games isn't the 'Kiss Of Death'. They can still pull it off. It hasn't been done very often, but it has been done before. It will be done again, so why not now? Why not by the Washington Capitals? Below, you'll see some of my thoughts on the current situation.

This is not a time for the coach or the players to say ... "I don't know what else to do".

The fans shouldn't be praying or begging ... "Please don't let this happen".

Everyone should remember ..."Whatever doesn't kill you, makes you stronger".

After the Capitals come back from behind to win the series, John Tortorella and the New York Rangers will tell you ... "Red is my bad luck color. I ain't got nothin' to do with red".

To those inconsistent refs, I say ... be a "Man of honor". And no, I don't need you to ask ... "Do you want my hand on it or somethin'?".

To Washington's defensemen, when you're guarding your own net ... "The time has come for everyone to clean up their own backyard".

When I hear Torts complaining about the officials, I think to myself (Dan, Jr. of Junior's Eyes ) ... "This mother smells scared Junior".

All the Capitals players need to be thinking ... "I will do whatever I have to do to protect me and mine".

Hey Alex Ovechkin. If anybody that's asked about your chances of winning the Stanley Cup this year says ... "Now is not the time my man, but I'm gonna see you real soon", just answer back ... "See me now!".

'Kiss Of Death' movie trailer.

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