September 5, 2008

Freddie's Birthday Is September 5th

Farrokh Bulsara, better known as singer, songwriter and musician Freddie Mercury, was born on September 5th, 1946 in Stone Town on Zanzibar, near the coast of mainland Tanzania. He and his family, of Parsi heritage, moved to London, England in 1964 due to the Zanzibar Revolution. Freddie died November 24th, 1991, just one day after publicly announcing that he had AIDS.

I often think of Freddie, and like many of his fans and loved ones, wonder what what would have been if he were still alive. I'm sure he would have created and performed much more amazing music. I get very sad when I think of him being gone. But it's mostly the beauty, energy and truly honest feeling he put into every bit of his music and his life, that often brings a tear to my eyes when I watch his videos and listen to the music.

Memories of Freddie and his music, whether with Queen or any of his solo or collaborative ventures, also puts me in a good mood many times. He still is my favorite singer. He was lead singer for my all time favorite band, Queen. I had a blast at the concerts, along with good friends and family (sisters - Kim and Cherie). It's incredible how this one person, whom I've never actually met, has been with me for some of the saddest and most joyous times of my life.

Thank you Freddie Mercury!

Queen - "The Show Must Go On"

Queen - "Too Much Love Will Kill You"

Queen - "These Are The Days Of Our Lives"

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Kameron D Kiggins said...

Queen were one of the first bands I ever liked; an older brother had several of their LPs and along with the Beetles, Bowie and Warren Zevon, Queen were an early favorite I've never stopped listening to. On of the all time great bands, brilliant in every way, and there's been no other singer like Freddie Mercury. He left us far too soon, and I'm certain he still had great music in him.


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