August 15, 2008

Tony Martin - August 2008 Update

Tony Martin Band In Paliano, Italy on May 14, 2005

Talented singer and multi-instrumentalist Tony Martin, known mostly for his years as lead singer Black Sabbath (1987 to 1991 and 1993 to 1997), recently posted the following update to his web site.


Dear friends

At last i have a my space site!!!! its called the official tony martin site cause there are about 20 Tony Martins out there doin' much the same. However its being put together by my daughter who has pestered me for the past 2 years to make one and i finally let her do it. Also other people have been putting tribute sites up so i couldn't really NOT do anything. Anyway check it out. We JUST went live with it so it's a work in progress but at least i'm up there for real now. Well done Laura.

I had hoped that i'd been doing more shows this year since i hooked up with a Canadian agent but it didnt work out, so i'm going to be concentrating on a new album instead. I already have some things in mind and some of the demos are sounding quite good so as that gets closer i'll let you know more.

But i did a seminar recently in England which is unusual for me! It was by way of an accidental meeting actually, because my lady has been taking medical treatment in East Anglia and the clinic she was at is close to a music store and teaching school called Planet Music. I called in breifly to have a look around and the guys in there turned out to be great. So i ended up doing a seminar on the industry and vocal stuff. It was cool!! So i'd just like to thank those guys and wish them luck.


Best wishes to everyone.



Click on this link to see an article published by The Evening Star that covers Tony's August 8th visit to Planet Music in Martlesham of Suffolk, England.

I loved the Tony Martin years of Black Sabbath. It's a shame, but it doesn't look like we'll ever see them back together. Not even for short reunions, like with Ozzy Osbourne for a while. Lately, Black Sabbath has Ronnie James Dio back again, recording and touring under the name Heaven And Hell. Too bad Martin doesn't get his turn. Then again, like most of the other former Sabbath members, Tony has kept busy with other projects. He's put out a couple solo albums too, and is bound to have continued success.

Black Sabbath - "Get A Grip"

Black Sabbath - "I Won't Cry For You"

Tony Martin Band - "Scream"

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