August 8, 2008

So Anonymous Said ... And Then I Said ...

The following comments in this post are from my July 18, 2008 entry entitled Nazareth's "The Newz" In US Stores July 22nd. I'm not just trying to embarrass this Anonymous person. I thought it was interesting and sad that this commenter hadn't seemed to have read the story or checked any facts at all before sharing their views. Perhaps they were just bored and were trying to pick a fight. Who knows? Who cares? You know, it's not a rule of this blog to use a real or full name. But how about a first name or funny (non vulgar) made up one at least?


On 08/07/2008 at 7:14 PM Anonymous said...

Boring, Dead weight music. Spend your coin on something you will enjoy. They may claim to be Nazareth.
They are not, Don't get fooled.
Boycot this group


On 08/07/2008 at 7:47 Dan, Jr. said...

I couldn't disagree with you more.

I have listened to the music on the new album, and I love it. I should think that the videos posted make it obvious that I've heard it and enjoy it. They are the official Nazareth, with the legal right to use the name. Two of [the] members are originals and one is the son of an original.

The "fake" or less real "Nazareth" would be the American band. Guitarist Manny Charlton is the only original Nazareth member in that much newer group. I love and enjoy Manny's work. However, his lead "singer" is terrible. If there is yet another band that you believe to have the rights to the name, then you are completely delusional.

It doesn't matter what some idiot who hasn't bothered to read the article says. I love the music from the group that put out "The Newz". If I were to boycott the group just because of the comment left by the cowardly "anonymous", then I'd be just as stupid. Fortunately, I'm not stupid, and I have free will. Perhaps the anonymous comment was left by someone who lets mainstream media tell him or her what to like. That is the reason we have most of the crap that has been force fed to us over the last several years. I'm glad to say they are starting to lose their power over even their most loyal mindless followers.

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