July 18, 2008

Nazareth's "The Newz" In US Stores July 22nd

Nazareth live in Germany 2006 - Photo by Dagmar Heinrich-Hoppen

Scotland's finest rock band, Nazareth will release their 21st studio album "The Newz" in the US on Tuesday July 22, 2008. The album has already been out everywhere else. The recording of the album was filmed for a DVD, which will be released later on. The current lineup of the band includes original singer Dan McCafferty on lead vocals, Jimmy Murrison (joined December 1994) on lead guitar, original bassist Pete Agnew and on drums Pete's son Lee Agnew who joined the band late in the summer of 1999, after original drummer Darrell Sweet died while on tour in the US.

Nazareth are currently in the middle of the '40th Anniversary "Road Trip" Tour 2008'. They started the non-stop worldwide tour in Europe back in late January, and will hopefully be announcing the November 12th through December 1st USA dates very soon. You may have seen advertisements for "Nazareth with Manny Charlton" , but that's their original (fantastic) guitarist Manny Charlton and his new American band (including awful lead singer), not the legally "official" Nazareth. The real Nazareth as a whole are far superior.

Visit the band's MySpace site to hear six of the great new tunes on the provided player. You'll find that unique sounding band that has influenced so many big names in rock history. They are commonly listed under heavy metal or hard rock, and they can seriously deliver on that front. However, with Dan's raspy yet bluesy vocals, they also offer a few sweet ballads that will bring tears to your eyes. Don't worry, you can find plenty of upbeat music by these lads as well. This album provides the whole range of their styles. I know I've got to get the CD the next time I get to the music store.

"Liar" from The Newz (danilonazareth2)

"Dying Breed" from The Newz (danilonazareth2)


Anonymous said...

Boring, Dead weight music. Spend your coin on something you will enjoy. They may claim to be Nazareth.
They are not, Don't get fooled.
Boycot this group

Dan, Jr. said...

I couldn't disagree with you more.

I have listened to the music on the new album, and I love it. I should think that the videos posted make it obvious that I've heard it and enjoy it. They are the official Nazareth, with the legal right to use the name. Two of members are originals and one is the son of an original.

The "fake" or less real "Nazareth" would be the American band. Guitarist Manny Charlton is the only original Nazareth member in that much newer group. I love and enjoy Manny's work. However, his lead "singer" is terrible. If there is yet another band that you believe to have the rights to the name, then you are completely delusional.

It doesn't matter what some idiot who hasn't bothered to read the article says. I love the music from the group that put out "The Newz". If I were to boycott the group just because of the comment left by the cowardly "anonymous", then I'd be just as stupid. Fortunately, I'm not stupid, and I have free will. Perhaps the anonymous comment was left by someone who lets mainstream media tell him or her what to like. That is the reason we have most of the crap that has been force fed to us over the last several years. I'm glad to say they are starting to lose their power over even their most loyal mindless followers.

Hitler's One Bollock said...

Both bands have rights to the name Nazareth as the remaining original members are all directors of Nazareth. So neither band is 'fake', legally.

The Newz is a fine album, I look forward to a Manny Naz CD with eager anticipaion.

Dan, Jr. said...

Part of a post at the official Nazareth web site:

... Thankfully, all the other ex-members of Nazareth have not decided to steal our name, otherwise we could have five different Nazareth's out there. We are obviously fighting this thing and so far all the promoters who have booked them have cancelled once they were informed of the truth. We will keep you up to date with developments but, meanwhile, thought it would be right to let you all know what is going on ...


Manny QUIT the band in 1990. The recent tour with his new band being the first after 18 yrs. without touring under the name "Nazareth".

Bad Co. (with Paul Rodgers) just did a "one off" concert last night to gain the legal rights to the name "Bad Co." -> See previous post. Since the official Nazareth did not take off 18 yrs appearing under the "Nazareth" name, I'm thinking they've just about got this thing covered. They've were touring again shortly after Manny QUIT. They've put out a few albums and done many concerts since, using the "Nazareth" name throughout.

Whatever the legal situation over the name happens to be, I wish Manny Charlton all the best, but he needs to start using a different or modified band name. "Manazareth", "Manazary", "Charnazareth", "Naz Charlton", "Charnaz", "Black Nazareth" or something along those lines.

Hitler's One Bollock said...

Manny quit/was sacked in 1990, but remained a director of the company Nazareth (Dunfermline) Ltd. and remains a director to this day. That gives him a degree of rights to the name. So what you or I think of it privately, they are every bit as 'official' legally speaking as the band Dan McCafferty fronts.

Whether fans accept Manny's band is another matter though.

hitler's one bollock said...

As for the Nazareth press release, no other ex-member can use the Nazareth name as the bands 4 original members were the owners. Agnew and McCafferty are still with Nazareth, Darrell Sweet is dead so that just leaves Manny Charlton.

Dan, Jr. said...

Thanks for the update. I would appreciate it if you could use a less offensive name as your commenter ID in future.

Mussolini's Codpiece said...

No worries. Incidentally, I think it's more offensive to post one-sided nonsense than worry about a poster's name, but such is life.



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