March 23, 2008

Carbon/Silicon Or The Clash Meets Gen X Tour

Another tour is on. This one's for all you Punks out there! Carbon/Silicon have hit the States (1 gig in Canada) to promote their first full length album, titled The Last Post.
Founding members include former lead guitarist and singer for The Clash - Mick Jones, as well as former Generation X bassist Tony James. You might recall that singer Billy Idol came from Gen X. The bassist for this band is Leo "Eazykill" Williams, who worked together with Jones in another successful band, Big Audio Dynamite. Behind the drum kit is former Reef member Dominic Greensmith. James has now switched to playing guitar. Mick, who has some experience playing many different instruments, also plays guitar and shares vocals with Tony in this latest collaboration.
These guys have been mates for years, and played together in bands of various genres and degrees of success. Carbon/Silicon started off in 2002 with a fairly techno sound, with lots of rock samples and dance music in the mix. By the time they started doing live gigs in 2004, they started shifting more toward the organic soul or "Carbon" (Mick Jones) end of the music spectrum. This has brought a contrasting balance to the techno pop or "Silicon" (Tony James) part of the bargain. There are still definitely elements of The Clash and Generation X in this music. It's just a bit more upbeat. They are an internet friendly band. James is a former computer programmer. Carbon/Silicon still continue to release their new material for free via their web site, as they've always done.



Here's a couple videos from the current tour.

. "Really The Blues" 03/14/2008 @ SXSW Festival Austin, TX


. "Caesar's Palace" 03/15/2008 @ Waterloo Records Austin, TX


More Tour Dates On The Schedule: .

Seattle, WA - Chop Suey - 03/23/2008 .

Portland, OR - Lola's Room/Crystal Ballroom - 03/24/2008 .

Denver, CO - Bluebird Theatre - 03/27/2008 .

Kansas City, MO - Record Bar - 03/29/2008 .

Minneapolis, MN - Varsity Theatre - 03/30/2008 .

Chicago, IL - Double Door - 03/31/2008 .

Toronto, Canada - Lee's Place - 04/02/2008 .

New York, NY - Fillmore/Irving Plaza - 04/04/2008 .

Cambridge, MA - T.T. The Bears - 04/05/2008 .

Washington, DC - The 9:30 Club - 04/06/2008 .

Philadelphia, PA - World Cafe Live - 04/07/2008 .

Cincinnati, OH - 20th Century Theatre - 04/09/2008 .

Atlanta, GA - The Loft - 04/14/2008 .

Orlando, FL - The Social - 04/15/2008 .

Indio, CA - Coachella Festival - 04/26/2008

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