December 1, 2007

Every Picture Tells A Story Prt 2

The following are some more of my favorite pictures from the collection I mentioned in my last post. Thanks again Cherie, for sending them.

After looking for another win last night, the Caps players
found they were just pissing in the wind.

We gotta get out of this last place.

Coach Hanlon took Backstrom & other players to Hooters for Lunch.
"Locker" (Craig Laughlin) hits the Clubs!

Fleischmann puts a hit on Martin StLouis, then can't find him.

New Head Coach Bruce Boudreau makes yet another
adjustment to the "system", trying to spark his team.

Daniella Spier downs another bowl of gruel before the Flyers
were completely destroyed by the Washington Capitals.

Commissioner Betty admits the Shootout
is just like watermelon - completely tasteless.

Commissioner Betty removes his head from a place
far up his ass & admits the old Jerseys were better!

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